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Maintenance Contracts


Monthly Maintenance Agreement

This is a flat rate contract based on the number of computers we would monitor for you. 

Our monitoring tool will be installed to protect you from virus infections, and we will monitor your systems, backups, and all aspects of your network using our custom Heartbeat Monitor System. 

What this gives you: 

  • Discounted onsite rates and remote rates 
  • Optional Web Filter on your network to protect devices from fraudulent websites and connections. 
  • Virus / Threat corrections from our Operations Center to stop threats from hurting your network and data. 
  • A Disaster Recovery Plan. Backup and Antivirus checks. Hands on corrections at discounted rates. 
  • Reports of Activity that you can give your Insurance Company to show that you were not negligent, and you have taken steps to minimize your risk and to apply for Cyber Security Coverage. 
  • A 24/7/365 support number with professionals that know your network. 
  • Passwords and password resets. 
  • A 10% Discount on parts when licensing permits

All Inclusive IT Maintenance Contract

Rates for this contract are determined by the number of computers in your agreement. Most all maintenance is included. It may also include all network devices. Onsite and Remote labor, as well as discounts on computers and parts are included.

Why an "All Inclusive Maintenance Agreement" or Managed IT?

It is always good to justify one way of doing business vs another.  Let me try to explain what we see as the major difference between the two methods of computer/network maintenance and repairs:

From the cost, there is no difference.  Our pricing model is based on the number of machines after careful analysis of all our customers.

We studied how much our customers spent per year, and created a formula based on units (computers) to price the maintenance. 

This formula, includes other parts or devices connected to your network, such as switches, scanners, faxes, phone lines and, third party equipment and so forth.

It has worked well from the cost side but it gave our customers much more benefits for the same cost.

On the Break-Fix model, when you experience a problem that hinders your operation, you then call for repairs.

When you would call for repairs, is up to you.  In our experience, people normally call, after it is too late and repairs are costly and many times failure is total.

That presented a problem with the old agreement and created a great benefit under the new all-inclusive agreement.

Here are some of the things we do now:

  • We monitor your network.
  • We monitor the backups every day.
  • We check the health of the servers and all systems attached.
  • We created and installed software to protect you for infections.
  • We created and installed web filters which protect you in a dynamic way (they learn) from malicious websites (which keep growing in numbers). We actually pay a monthly service for these filters and no cost is passed on to you.
  • We interact with all of your other vendors who make changes every so often and we include that work in the contract. Third party vendors are always making changes and we deal with all of them.
  • We still repair anything that may fail.
  • When things need attention, no estimate of labor is needed to replace or repair items, sometimes saving hours or days.
  • We respond to all of these events and possible events before they get out of control.
  • We keep all antivirus records which are needed for compliance.
  • Maintenance is automatically performed without your knowledge; without this, we must notify you that maintenance is recommended or required and the approximate cost.  Some of this work is done afterhours as a convenience for us and as a savings benefit for the client.

All of that is included in the all-inclusive agreement, not so on the Break-Fix type of agreement.

In short, we manage everything for you, and we like it that way because we can make autonomous decisions unless they affect your operation.

We like that, because we use our judgment instead of waiting for you to become available to decide what to do next.

This gives the impression that things are just working fine, when they are simply being managed.

Things are maintained as a matter of routine, instead of waiting for things to break and for them to be replaced.

Or you can simply pay as you go.

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