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Microsoft officially retired the Microsoft web browser Internet Explorer and has relieved its duties after 25+ years of service. Many businesses and individuals have started their internet web browsing with Internet Explorer. 


Internet Explorer 11 has retired and is officially out of support—what you need to know | Windows Experience Blog



No! Dolphins are not attacking humans, humans are being attacked by other humans using ultrasonic sounds.

Siri, Alexa, Google Assist, Cortana, not to mention iPads, MacBooks, Amazon Echo and Audi Q3 can be given commands using sounds too high for humans to hear, but good enough for a machine.

Don't worry, your credit card number is safe, it is just your account charges that you may have to worry about.

On my part, my NEST thermostat was caught using too much bandwidth at my house so I stopped its connections out to google headquarters.

Even though it can still connect out, it asks every day to re-connect it, because something is wrong. 

Who does it have to talk to?

What does it have to say?

Is it lonesome?

Have a great day!




posted September 7, 2017

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