We offer complete networking solutions for any size business enabling files and printer services to be shared across the network.

  • Custom Intranet office set ups. Allows for a central document location for your enterprise.
  • VPN and remote access to your desktop or network without monthly fees. Maximize employee output.
  • Hosted Exchange Emails. Connect, collaborate all in one common point across the web.
  • Windows Server, Small Business server. Complete solutions for today's enterprise.
  • Microsoft Windows Server is the ideal network operating system for any size business. Windows Server allows you to share files and printers, connect to the internet and build web applications reliably and securely.
  • Linux/Unix - Command based/GUI interfaced operating system that provides internet services for multiple sites, with real virtual hosting
  • PCI compliant

Tech working hands on

FREE Expert IT consultations

Let our team of consultants come to your business to evaluate your current infrastructure. We can help come up with a comprehensive plan to get your business running without a hitch.

Tech working remotely

Remote or Onsite Support

We offer remote support which enables us to help you immediately. If you need us there in person, we can also go onsite. Depending on your current situation, we have a custom solution for you.